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Compress Images

Reduce image size.

Using our free Image compressor , compress JPEG,JPG

Compress images with AI

AI image compression is an advance tool to compress image using Artificial inteligenc. AI Image compression allows you to compress image effortlessly while retaining great quality. Whether you are a webmaster, developer, designer, marketer or a casual user looking to reduce file size, our free online AI image compressor is your best choice to compress JPEG, PNG and more. Drag and drop your images to compress images using AI now.

If you are looking to boost website performance, our AI Image Compressor is here to help. Smaller images help reduce your page load time. Hence, by reducing the size of images on your site, you can make each page load much faster than you can imagine.

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Perfect Quality

Reduce the size of JPG, while saving space and maintaining quality.

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Best Compression

Compress Images upto 80% or more by applying compression and other optemizations.

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Easy To Use

Compressing large-sized images is as easy as making a cup of tea. Just select an image and press the compress button.

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Privacy Guaranteed

We prioritize user privacy. Any images uploaded to our server are encrypted via SSL connection.

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Image Formats

Our image compressor can compress JPEG/JPG and PNG images.

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It's Free , No Limits

Since 2021 we have compressed millions of images for free! There is no software to install, registrations, or watermarks.

How to Compress Image online?


Upload JPG/JPEG images from your device to compress.


Your selected image will be displayed as a preview with a compress image button.


After previewing, if the selected image is not the desired one, there is a 'Compress Another Image' button to choose another image from your device.


After selecting an image, press the 'Compress Image' button to compress the selected image.


After compression, press the download button to download the compressed image, or a preview button to view your compressed image on a new page.

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What Image Compressor Offers?

Quick Image Compressor is an online platform designed to reduce the size of your JPG/JPEG images, making them more easily usable for you.

The image compressor offers you an easy way to compress your JPG/JPEG images.

  • Default method: Simply select any JPG/JPEG image from your system and click the 'Compress Image' button to compress your selected image.
  • Why Reduce image size ?

    Photo compressor helps you to:

  • Reduce your JPG/JPEG images,photos,pictures size to make them more usable.
  • Save your disk space on computers or phones ( Android, iPhone) and other devices ( Tablets ).
  • You can share your images more quickly.
  • With smaller, user-friendly image sizes, you can easily upload your images to any online platform.